The Holy month of Ramadan is also referred to as Ramadan Kareem festival 2019 as it is that occasion for Muslims on which Muslims can celebrate their religion. Ramadan Mubarak festival comes in the ninth month according to Islamic calendar and is celebrated by all Muslims around the world with peace and harmony. This is one of the five pillars of Islam and connects all the Muslims in the world as they observe their fast during the Ramadan Kareem festival for a whole month together. During the whole month of Ramadan, Muslims are supposed to observe fast from dawn to sunset, which includes not eating or drinking anything during this time as well as refraining from all other sins or bad deeds. The time duration of the fast is meant to be spent connecting spiritually with Allah, praying, and doing good deeds.

ramadan kareem festival

However, it should know that Muslims are not suggested to leave all their worldly duties during the Ramadan Kareem festival, but are advised to maintain a balance between their everyday life and religious duties, including fasting and praying. Islam has always emphasized on the fact that Muslims should always keep a sane balance between both their duties and the Holy month of Ramadan is meant to train Muslims for that. Muslims observe fasts for a whole month and this trains them for all their future as they learn to adapt to all the good deeds and refrain from all the bad ones, maintaining a perfect balance between religious and practical life.


Facts about Ramadan Kareem Festival 2019

Holy festival Ramadan Kareem has a lot of importance in a Muslim's life and it is because of many reasons of which some are listed below:

  1. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received his first revelation during the Holy month of Ramadan.
  2. The Holy Quran was revealed during this month.
  3. The night of blessings Laylat ul Qadr comes during the month of Ramadan during which Muslims ask for forgiveness of their previous sins from Allah.
  4. During the Ramadan Mubarak festival, Muslims are supposed to give to charity which motivates them to give back to their community for the whole year.
  5. Muslims are also required to refrain from bad behavior during this month along with keeping away from eating and drinking.
  6. Ramadan Kareem festival is celebrated by Muslims all around the world during the same time which gives a message of unity, peace, and harmony to the world.

Most of the Muslims living specifically in western countries celebrate the Holy month of Ramadan together as a community and come together to give back to the community, to pray together and to unite as Muslims. Most of the Muslims use mosques in their community as a community center where they live together as a community, and also welcome people from other faiths in their community center to give a message of peace to the world. Most of these Muslims donate to different organizations and celebrate the Ramadan Kareem festival by giving back and working for the community in different ways.