If people are looking for the question that when is Ramadan 2019 in UK? This is the right place to be at as this website will provide you with all the information that you need regarding this topic. This article will answer your question for when is Ramadan 2019 in the United Kingdom? And it will also provide you with the exact schedule for Ramadan 2019 in the UK. Other than that, this website will keep you updated throughout the month of Ramadan about all the updates for Ramadan 2019 in UK. Ramadan in the UK is expected to start on Sunday, May 5 and will last for a whole month. It will then be celebrated by Eid-ul-Fitr.

when is ramadan 2019 in uk

For people who want to know when is Ramadan 2019 in the UK?,  a whole schedule for Ramadan 2019 in the UK has been provided on this website. The Holy month of Ramadan is the time when Muslims observe fasts for thirty days. These fasts last from dawn to sunset. Muslims start their fast at the time of dawn and this occasion is called as Sehr. And this fast ends at the time of sunset, which is called as Iftar. Muslims are not only required not to eat or drink for the whole day but the true essence is that they are also required to refrain themselves from all the bad deeds and save themselves from all the sins. So, Ramadan is not only about fasting for Allah but also about saving you from all the sins and making it a habit for the whole year afterward. Now a lot of people had the question about when is Ramadan 2019 in the UK which is answered in this article. Some of the major benefits of Ramadan include:

  1. Teaches self-discipline and self-control.
  2. Teaching to avoid immorality.
  3. Instill the fear of Allah.
  4. Opens the doors of heaven.
  5. Teaching to avoid anger, rage, and stupidity.
  6. Good effects on health

Muslim's question about when is Ramadan 2019 in UK?

The Muslim population in the UK has been increasing within the past few years and it has become a popular religion in the United Kingdom. And because of this reason, the number of mosques and Islamic Centers are increasing as well. These mosques are not only used by Muslims to pray five times a day but are also used as community centers where Muslims gather and discuss community issues and devise solutions for those issues. Not only for that, Muslims also gather together to plan on different projects through which they can serve their community which serves the true essence of Islam. Specifically, in Ramadan, Muslims connect spiritually with other Muslims by serving them through different ways. So nowadays, Muslims in the United Kingdom are looking for when is Ramadan 2019 in UK? And which will be the mosques celebrating Ramadan in the UK. A few of the major mosques and community centers are listed below:

  1. East London Mosque
  2. London Central Mosque
  3. Birmingham Central Mosque
  4. Baitul Futuh
  5. Manchester Central Mosque

There are various other mosques as well which will celebrate the Holy month of Ramadan.


Ramadan Kareem 2019 in the United Kingdom will begin in the evening of Sunday, May 5, 2019, and ends in the evening of Tuesday, June 4, 2019. Dates may vary.